Wieden (IV.)


Size in square kilometers:


Number of inhabitants:


Birth rate ratio 2003-2007:

-227 (Vienna: +2.980)

(Source: Statistisches Jahrbuch der Stadt Wien 2009, p.395ff)
Educational level (2001):

27,5 / 27,4 / 20,8 / 24,3 (Vienna: 33,2 / 39,2 / 15,0 / 12,6)

(Compulsory school / apprenticeship + vocational school / high school diploma (A-levels) / university degree)
Percentage of inhabitants with migration background:


(Source: Statistic Austria, MA 5, City of Vienna)
Spread of mandates municipal council election 2005:

SPÖ: 12 / ÖVP: 12 / Grüne: 12 / FPÖ: 2 / Others: 2
(of 40 Mandates)

Votes general election 2008:

27,2%: SPÖ - Social Democratic Party of Austria
29,6%: ÖVP - Austrian People’s Party
15,9%: Grüne - Green Party
14,5%: FPÖ - Austrian Freedom Party
4,7%: BZÖ - Alliance for the Future of Austria
5,3%: LIF - Liberal Party of Austria
0,7%: KPÖ - Communist Party of Austria

(Source:Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs)
Number of offences 2008:


(Source: Federal Police Headquarters Vienna)
Rental prices per squaremeters (flats with 51-80 squaremeters):

13,70 €

(Source: aucon index)
Average annual net income per capita (2006):

22.350 Euro (Vienna: 19.290)

(Source: Statistisches Jahrbuch der Stadt Wien p.184)
Number of registered unemployed persons 2007 (annual average):

Female: 400
Male: 533

(Source: Job Centre Vienna)
Number of normal jobholders:


Number of H&M Shops:


(Source: H&M branch network)
Number of food product markets:


(Source: www.wien.gv.at)
Number of bookshops:


(Source: buchkultur.net)
Number of cinemas:


(Source: www.stadt-wien.at)
Approximate number of art-galleries:


(Source: artmagazine.cc)



16/09/2009 - 17:50


Wieden (IV.) - Karlsplatz

Name: Gregory
Age: 37
From: Budapest

By Carmen Rüter


Wieden (IV.) - Naschmarkt

name: Theresia & Barbara Katsey
occupation: photographer
helmet: pasted up from georg beyer
glasses: naschmarkt-stand
t-shirt: costume national / petar petrov
trousers: zara / zara
belt: costume national / textil müller
jacket: h&m
armlet: jimmy stockmann
shoes: max / max
bra: ferre’
panties: texta / neubaugasse
photo photographed by katsey

By Hans-Jürgen Hauptmann & Bernhard Winkler

05/09/2009 - 17:20


Wieden (IV.) - Karlsplatz

Name: Arthur
Age: 63
From: Vienna

By Carmen Rüter

28/08/09 - 17:01


Wieden (IV.) - Schleifmühlgasse

‘Vanille In Vene’
Name: Norman
Age: 35
Occupation: Cinema Manager
From: Vienna
What are you wearing?
Shirt by Spice Island from Chatuchak market, Bangkok
Vintage 2005 pants by sabotage
Unlimited Edition shoes by Adidas
Hair by Silvie, two months ago
What was the last item you bought?
1940s Button Suspenders @ FLO

By Elsa Okazaki

17/08/09 - 14:01


Wieden (IV.) - Argentinierstraße

Name: Ely
Age: 24
Occupation: Student
From: Senegal, living in Vienna
What are you wearing?
Tee: Dada
Short: No label
Shoes: Springfield
Glasses: No label
What was the last item you bought?
Shirt at Colli

By Elsa Okazaki

14/08/2009 - 17:06


Wieden (IV.) - Kreuzherrengasse

‘Holiday with a black cat’
Name: Aya Nonogaki
Age: 24
Occupation: fashion student
From: Japan, living in Vienna
What are you hearing?
Tee: From Venice
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: Ash
Bag: Bernhard Wilhelm
What was the last item you bought?
Art Biennale Tee

By Elsa Okazaki

12/08/2009 - 13:22


Wieden (IV.) - Kettenbrückengasse

Name: Yoan Gonfond
Age: 34
From: France, living in Vienna
Occupation: Stylist
What are you wearing?
Tee: AA
Bermuda: Urban Outfitter
Flip Flop: Helmut Lang
Glasses: Ray Ban
What was the last item you bought?
Jacket from Dries van Noten

By Elsa Okazaki

22/07/2009 - 17:46


Wieden (IV.) - Naschmarkt

Name: Karoly
Age: 49

From: Vienna
Occupation: Office employee
What are you wearing?
Vintage shirt from Hungary
Linen trousers: H&M
Shoes: Gabor
Rucksack: Authentic
What was the last item you bought?
A rain-jacket
How much money did you spend on it?

90-100 Euro

By Michaela Amort

13/07/09 - 23:35


Wieden (IV.) - Naschmarkt

Name: Nano

Age: 23

Occupation: Hairdresser

From: Munich, living in Vienna

What are you wearing?

Cardigan: second hand

T-shirt: Dejan

Suspenders: promo Michael Jackson vintage

Trousers: Acne

Shoes: Energie (customized with silver spray)

Your favorite fashion object?: everything

Your favorite item in fashion?: Cardigans

Do you prefere fashion or sex?: both

By Salvatore Viviano