25/07/2009 - 16:30


Innere Stadt (I.)

Mario & Cornelia (in love)
Age: Mario 27, Cornelia 30
Occupation: to be in love
What are you wearing?
bikini: H&M
foulard: vintage Hermes
sunglasses: Marc Jacobs
all from H&M
Do you prefere fashion or sex?
both: sex

By Salvatore Viviano

25/07/2009 - 16:00


Innere Stadt (I.)

Name: Monica, Karolina, Agnieszka (friends)
Age: 18, 17, 21
Occupatio: students
From: Poland
What are you wearing?: 3 same pink dresses from Promod
Why?: because it’s fun :-)

By Salvatore Viviano

23/07/2009 - 22:45


Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus (XV.)

Name: Paul
Age: 28
From:Lugner City
Occupation: artist
what are you wearing?
wifebeater from C&A
slippers bought by mummy
glasses: vintage/Pearle
trousers: humana
favourite item: tooth brush
do you prefere sex or fashion?: food

By Salvatore Viviano

25/07/2009 - 08:00


Name: Julien & Salvatore (friends forever)

Age: 28
From: south of France & Italy (living in Paris & Vienna)
Occupation: artists
what are you wearing?
jacket: from his friend Tobias
t-shirt: top-man (top-shop, london)
short: vintage
rubber boots: marc by marc jacobs
hat: vintage
jacket: from his friend Tobias
t-shirt: vintage
short: street-market in Palermo
hat: peruvian-shop in Paris
boots: Pierre Hardy
favourite item?
Julien: Salvatore
Salvatore: Julien
do you prefere sex or fashion?
S & J: what is fashion? :-)

By Salvatore Viviano

16/07/2009 - 00:01


Leopoldstadt (II.) - Donaukanal

Name: Valerie
Age: 31
From: vienna
Occupation: vintage girl
Dress: vintage
Glasses: vintage
Jewels: vintage
Favorite item: vintage
do you prefere fashion or sex?: vintage

By Salvatore Viviano

16/07/2009 - 00:01


Somewhere in Vienna

Name: Salvatore
Age: 36 (or 18, don’t remember)
From: sicily, living in vienna
Occupation: not to have one
what are you wearing?
a plastig bag from “everything for 1 euro” shop in fasangasse
sandals: from sicily (a shop close to a bus station in messina)
glasses: from a street-market in vienna and transformed in view-glasses by Pearle
favourite item: high heels
do you prefere sex or fashion?: at the moment I prefere Philipp

By Salvatore Viviano

15/07/2009 - 18:00


Neubau (VII.), Museumsquartier

Name: Maria
Age: 29
From: vienna
Occupation: cultural scientist
Dress: american vintage
Shirt: h&m
Legging: vintage
Glasses: rayban
Favourite items: blush!

By Salvatore Viviano

15/07/2009 - 16:30


Innere Stadt (I.) - Dorotheergasse

Name: Sabine
Age: 37
Occupation: Gallery Director
From: Graz, living in Vienna
What are you wearing?
dress: Miss Sixty
shoes: Prada
earrings: Vivibag
ring: H&M
fan: from an art-project by Oliver Dorfer (@ Hilger Contemporary)
Favourite Items: earrings & dresses
What do you prefer sex or fashion?: sex

By Salvatore Viviano

15/07/2009 - 20:15


Josefstadt (VIII.) - Lederergasse

Name: Vasilena & Ivo (just got togheter)
Age: 31 & 27
Occupation: Artist(Vasilena) / Student in Architecture(Ivo)
From: Bulgaria & The Netherlands, living in Vienna
What are you wearing?
top: Promod
leggins: street market in Sofia
shoes: Minozzi

t-shirt: Meredith Ex
jacket: Dsquared2
jeans:Neil Barrett
shoes: D&G
watch: Omega
Favourite Items:
Vasilena: Sunglasses
Ivo: Bugatti type 57
What do you prefer sex or fashion?
Vasilena: fashionable sex
Ivo: What do you think?

By Salvatore Viviano

15/07/2009 - 12:55


Leopoldstadt (VIII.) - Ausstellungsstrasse

Name: Constanze & Jasmin (best friends)
Age: between 38 & 39
Occupation: Artists
From: Austria, living in Vienna
What are you wearing?
Our boyfriend’s clothes

By Salvatore Viviano