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Artist and studied photographer Nikola Hansalik is Vienna-based but internationally present. The phenomen of „presence/absence“ has been in the center of various works of the 1975 born artist who preferably uses the narrative structure of series of photographs/artworks to present what is otherwise absent.

In the work „my days of discontent“ for example, it is the physiognomy of the artist herself, which remains absent in the image. But not completely, because each photograph shows some traces or reminiscences of her like broken glass fragments that could be leftovers of an outburst of fury leading to a indirect selfportrait of the absent artist. Irony is always involved in Hansaliks installations like in her „Selfportrait Nr.5. NY Future“ which presents the prophecies of various fortune-tellers in New York, that the artist engaged to get to know her future. What as a single message had the aura of a precious secret not hard to accept, turns into an banality when articulated by almost all of these spirtual consultants. The more the secret dissappears, the more the stereotype becomes evident.



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