Caroline Blomst & Daniel Troyse

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The magnetism between female model and male photographer belongs to the modern myths and regardless to reality proves to be ineradicable. Caroline Blomst and Daniel Troyse for sure form a perfect team joining forces and talents to run their blog Stockholmstreetstyle which is since it´s start in 2006, both aesthetically and commercially successful.

For sure Caroline Blomst born 1978 with her background in social science and Daniel Troyse born 1970 with his broad design skills and attentive eye were the right people with the right idea at the right moment in time. But beyond timing and strategic cleverness they showed by merging their nascent blog with a large media company without loosing their independence, it is their specific concept of presenting streetware as highstreet fashion in a bright, clear but never sterile visual language, that payed off most.



Hi-res download - 2,4 MB / © Caroline Blomst & Daniel Troyse


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