09/07/09 - 17:10


Neubau (VII.) Kirchengasse

Name: Christina & Julia

Age: both 22

Occupation: interns at tatendrang

title: twin sisters

caught my eye: denims reloaded

What are you wearing? Christina - left

shirt: art junkie

jeans: current elliott

belt: jenifer at calamita

bag: louis vuitton

sneakers: dkny

jewels: lily for you & vintage silver

What are you wearing? Julia - right

shirt: gravis & h&m

jeans: current elliott

belt: diesel at calamita

bag: miu miu

jewels: yoyo

boots: belstaff

09/07/09 - 17:30


Neubau (VII.) Kirchengasse

Name: Sammy Zayed

Age: 32

Occupation: stylist tatendrang

title: ” space styler”

caught my eye: back to the future 80ies shades


What are you wearing?

trousers: acne jeans

shirt: vintage

jacket: customized vintage

belt: c&a

watch: rolex

ring: margiela

shoes: lanvin