25/08/09 - 16:26


Mariahilf (VI.) - Lehargasse

‘Das kann doch wirklich alles sein!’
Name: Georg
Age: 29
Occupation: Student
From: Wienna
What are you wearing?
H&M versus Huber Tricot meets raybanatic Adidas
What was the last item you bought?
A ticket to “inglorius basterds”

09/07/2009 - 19:15


Ottakring (XVI.) - Yppenplatz

Name: Joachim

Age: 33

Profession: Psychologe

from: Vienna

Leiberl: Huber

Hemd: H&M

Socken: Elma

Unterhose: Huber

Hose: Lewis

Schuhe: Gea

When did you buy the last item and how much did you spend for it?

1 month ago, 130.-