Salvatore Viviano

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If another evidence is needed how much fashion is both symptom and cure for the obsession that lies behind it, work and live of Salvatore Viviano are illustrative in the full sense of the word. After studies in literature and anthropolgy the 1973 born multi- talent started to cultivate his obsession for fashion as orgaziner of fashion shows for renamed labels in Paris before he moved to Vienna in 2005. He still keeps a pied-à-terre in the european fashion epicenter working there as an actor for french TV stations as well as for french cinema films, while concentrating more an more on his career as performance artist.

Vienna turned out to be a productive place for him, also because the closeness to the notorios action-artist´s group „Gelitin, who is also based in the city and one of Salvatores prefered partners for collaboration. Being also an obsessive DJ and collector of high–heels and second hand clothes he recently opened his closet displaying all his clothes an art-gallery presenting them through permanentely dressing and undressing while 24 hours to be.



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