Michaela Amort

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Austrian Fashion blog Tschilp.com was initiated by Dr. Amort in 2006 but it is only academic regarding the density of in-depth information it provides and the impressive range of themes around fashion it carefully covers. Many fashion insiders use Tschilp.com as their primary source of information and enjoy the non-insiderish but ironic tone that is characteristic for the frequency on which this independant voice is sending.

Blessed with equal talents for the visual and the verbal Michaela Amorts career is oscilliating between the two poles: she started as a fashion student while Karl Lagerfeld was teaching at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna but switched to media and cultural studies soon to graduate with a doctoral thesis about “Ruines in the 20th century” in 1994.

Most of her professional life in the 21th century Michaela Amort decicates not to archeology but to technology working as an communications expert in the telekom and IT industry specialized on online marketing. Given this background, it is no surprise that Michela Amort belonged to the first pioneers who realized the potential of the blog as a new medium and fully embraced it ever since. The enthusiasm of the editor provides the pleasure for the reader.