Carmen Rüter

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Born in Germany in 1976, Carmen Rüter is a Vienna resident since 2008, when she took up studies in architecture at the Vienna University of Technology. Wheras actually architecture and urban planing play the mayor part in her creative activities she is not treating them as exclusive matters, but an ideal occasion to integrate her other passions like acting and performance into her architectonical practise and research.

Apart from her studies, she is running the blog “m.e.t.r.o.n.o.m” where she is writing about all she is interested: people and space, it’s exploitation and the resulting effects. „My personal experience of space comes from acting. Performing arts have got a strong interconnection with physical space: performance requires space, space only becomes tangible in performance. As clothing, and the conventions to be served with fashion, provide impetus for the exploitation of space, I will go out and seek for performers, performance and abundant forms of representation in peripheralspaces of Vienna. I am taking a peripheral glance“



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