10/07/09 - 19:45


Innere Stadt (I.) Seilergasse

Name: Caroline Blomst

Age: 30

Occupation: fashion editor & photographer stockholm streetstyle

title: ‘pink skully’

caught my eye: the shorts in shorts

What are you wearing?

shorts: h&m trend

stockings cut offs: h&m

shirt: zara

shoes: marc by marc jacobs

bag: balenciaga

jewels: brazilian bracelets

leather jacket: acne

skull scarf: alexander mcqueen

By Marie-Thérèse Demblin de Ville

10/07/09 - 20:45


Döbling (XIX.) Gregor Mendelstrasse

Name: Sandi Kindermann

Age: 26

Occupation: medical student

title: ‘miss sunshine’

caught my eye: studded jacket

What are you wearing?

dress: stela mccartney

jeans jacket: h&m

shoes: london portobello market

sunglasses: london portobello market

bag: miu miu

By Marie-Thérèse Demblin de Ville

11/07/09 - 11:50


Mariahilf (VI.) Naschmarkt

Name: Caroline Blomst & Daniel Troyse

Age: 30 & 39

Occupation: fashion editors & photographers stockholm streetstyle

title: ’scandinavian’s rock’

caught my eye: her super-strap wedge boots & his finely cut summer suit

What are you wearing? Caroline - left

shorts: h&m

tank top: alexander wang & h&m

biker cut offs: h&m

shoes: jeffrey campbell

sunglasses: naschmarkt find

bag: balenciaga

jewels: mix of beads

What are you wearing? Daniel - right

suit/pants & jacket: acne archive

shirt: acne

shoes: acne archive

sunglasses: naschmarkt find

Since blogging is a daily task how do you stay focused within your work?

Caroline: Sometimes it’s time to disconnect.

By Marie-Thérèse Demblin de Ville

10/07/09 - 18:45


Innere Stadt (I.) Albertina

Name: Nikolaus

Age: 22

Occupation: student

title: ‘classic preppy’

caught my eye: purple shorts with checked jacket

What are you wearing?

shorts: h&m

shirt: tailormade

belt: polo ralph lauren

shoes: from china

jacket: h&m

glasses: gucci

By Marie-Thérèse Demblin de Ville

10/07/09 - 18:30


Innere Stadt (I.) Albertina

Name: Filip Aistleitner & Sarah Kronschläger

Age: both 21

Occupation: both students

title: ‘blossom bliss’

caught my eye: her florals and his shoes

What are you wearing? Filip - left

pants: levis

shirt: celio, france

belt: scott

shoes: hugo boss

watch: vintage omega

bag: go sports

What are you wearing? Sarah - right

pants: zara

blouse: zara

belt: vintage

ballerinas: bloch/killiwatch

bracelets: vintage & granny’s

jacket: vintage

bag: h&m

By Marie-Thérèse Demblin de Ville

10/07/09 - 18:15


Innere Stadt (I.) - Führichgasse

Name: Anna

Age: 27

Occupation: product designer

title: ‘fairylicious’

caught my eye: her flashy pink’n white bike

What are you wearing?

pants: topshop

tshirt: american apparel

jeans vest: vintage polyklamott

necklace: cos

bag: marni

studded sandals: office london

ring: mexican gold & engagement bling bling

By Marie-Thérèse Demblin de Ville

10/07/09 - 18:00


Innere Stadt (I.) Perfect Selection, Führichgasse

Name: Agata Wajerczyk

Age: 31

Occupation: ’boutiquarista’/boutique owner perfect selection

title: ‘perfect selection’

caught my eye: robin hood boots

What are you wearing?

dress: isabel marant

boots: isabel marant

tshirt: isabel marant

cardigan: vanessa bruno

necklace: isabel marant

scarf: les petites

watch: cartier

naillaquer: uslu airlines

ring: a gift from sammy

The last fashion item that you bought?

champagne colored silk smoking jacket by vanessa bruno.

What did you pay?


Your fashion secret?

breaking the styles: if sporty trousers then chique high heels, if dressed up elegantly then light make-up or if silkdress then add a  leatherjacket.

and more is more!

By Marie-Thérèse Demblin de Ville

04/07/09 - 03:45


Innere Stadt (I.) Passage, Burgring

Name: Olivia

Age: 17

Occupation: student

title: ‘a classic’s transition’

caught my eye: boyfriend shirt

What are you wearing?

tuxedo shirt: vintage from dad

shoes: zara

bag: dessia at burggasse

By Marie-Thérèse Demblin de Ville

09/07/09 - 17:10


Neubau (VII.) Kirchengasse

Name: Christina & Julia

Age: both 22

Occupation: interns at tatendrang

title: twin sisters

caught my eye: denims reloaded

What are you wearing? Christina - left

shirt: art junkie

jeans: current elliott

belt: jenifer at calamita

bag: louis vuitton

sneakers: dkny

jewels: lily for you & vintage silver

What are you wearing? Julia - right

shirt: gravis & h&m

jeans: current elliott

belt: diesel at calamita

bag: miu miu

jewels: yoyo

boots: belstaff

By Marie-Thérèse Demblin de Ville

09/07/09 - 17:45


Neubau (VII.) Kirchengasse

Name: Yana Ratthey

Age: 37

Occupation: right-hand at tatendrang

title: “fluffy light”

caught my eye: proportions & cut


pants: berlin

shirt: hussein chalayan

jacket: vivienne westwood red label

glasses: götti austria

shoes: converse

jewels: vintage

By Marie-Thérèse Demblin de Ville