17/07/2009 - 10:22


Margareten (V.) Maison Ross

Name: Nique
Age: 26
Occupation: Ben Ross 
Cap: worn by Ben Ross
Tell me about your style.
I’m inspired by Ben Ross.
The Fashion doctor.
The Rossformer.
You mean….
The Ross Over!
Is never over!
Power Ross!
He is!
What did you spend for this cap?
It was on Ross Sale, i paid 20 euro.
Congrats, Nique!

By Ben Ross
  1. 2 Comments to “17/07/2009 - 10:22”

    1. Suzanna says:

      Is this a joke or what?
      Posts like this don’t belong on a site like this.

    2. meredith says:

      question: is this “nique” chick the only person in the fifth? it appears so…

      look harder! :)

      @suzanna: i second that motion.

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